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Terms and conditions agreement:

No abuse:
The user agrees to use RidersLogbook as it is intended by the developers. This includes keeping a friendly and civilized tone, not spamming others, and not tend to other abusive behavior. Violations to this can cause ban or termination from the website, without the need of any documentation from the developers.

In event of technical issues:
The developers of RidersLogbook cannot be held responsible for any downtimes, shutdowns, data loss, bugs, or any other technical issues related to the website.

We reserve all rights to RidersLogbok and to all the software and content on the website.

Data policy:

By clicking accept, you accept the below data handling policy, and you confirm that you are 16 years old, or older.

General data handling:
RidersLogbook is a logbook, meant for storing data, that the customers themselves choose to submit. The data submitted in the logbook is not processed or used by RidersLogbook other than showing it to the customers upon request in the app system. No data submitted by the customer is distributed or sold to other companies.

Data from people under 16:
RidersLogbook do not intent to gather data from anyone who is under 16 years old. If you have any knowledge of anyone under 16 year old, who is using RidersLogbook, please contact us at

Recorded personal data:
RidersLogbook records the users name, email adress and residence country, along with username and password, upon account creation. These data are used to destinguish customers, and to make it possible for RidersLogbook to respond to feedback and support questions.

Other things RidersLogbook records:
RidersLogbook records whenever a users logs in for the first time during a day. This is stored on the server. This information is only used for getting a measure of general activity.

Logbook data:
The data that the customer submits to the logbook, or any other form on this web app, is only used in the app, so that you, and any person you have granted permission to view your profile, can read it. Though the logbook is not publically available to read, you should never submit sensitive data, like your credit card numbers.

Data storage duration:
The data submited by the customer is stored in the system, and do not have a expiration date. This is due to the fact that RidersLogbook is a logbook, with the purpose of storing data for later viewing. If data was regularly erased, functionality of the app would be lost. However, if if requested by a customer, RidersLogbook will erase all data submitted by a customer.

Upon ending of subscription:
If a customer stops using RidersLogbook, and denied access to its functions, the customers data is still stored in the system. This is done in order to make it easier for customers to return to RidersLogbook, after a period of not subscribing. If a customer request his or her data erased from the system, RidersLogbook will do it.

Additional information:
RidersLogbook is complying to the GDPR. This means that you have the right to know how we handle your data, and you have the right to have it erased or corrected at any time, by asking us to do so. If the above description of RidersLogbooks data handling did not answer all your questions, please contact us at